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How We Arrived at Virtual Speed Dating – The Story So Far.

The LA based Rabbi by the name of Yaacov Deyo is thought to be the creator of the speed dating phenomenon during the late 90s, primarily as events to help young, single Jewish people to meet and penultimately find a life partner.


Rabbi Deyo, also a director at Aish HaTorah, a Jewish resource group based in LA which birthed a network of branches worldwide.


Speed dating took off quickly and swiftly expanded into non-Jewish communities, the singles community on a global scale in fact! This new system of singles meeting other singles soon replaced the outmoded 'singles dating agencies' on its own merits; it struck a nerve and people simply found the process as being far more natural and, frankly, efficient: one single date perhaps once a week, Vs. 20 dates or more in one single evening; leaving our instincts and judgement to decide which people we would like to get to know more.


Speed dating (speeddating or a speed date) is still so popular that it is thought that up to one quarter of bars in New York host as least one speed dating event a week (pre-covid and lockdowns, of course.)


The basic proceedings of a speed dating event involves the guests being sat at a table and having a 5 minute informal casual date (chat) to gain a basic understanding of each other. The daters will then make a private note marking if they would like to see or talk with each other again. After 5 minutes guests are introduced to their next date, and so on, until the final date when guests hand in their marks card to the host, and optionally socialise further with all the other guests at the bar or venue.


The hosts will process the mark cards usual within a day or two, and then contact daters with the contact details of the daters they 'matched' with (meaning both daters marked they would like to see the other again.) At this point it is up to the daters to contact each other via the contacts they supplied to the host (in our case, Singularity Virtual Dating), whether that be a phone number or email address, etc.


So, how does this process now translate into Virtual Speed Dating? Pretty much exactly the same, except you are hosted and taken care of by our compère on Zoom, the popular video call app: you can find out more about how this works, in detail here. Your marks and matches are still processed by us in exactly the same way and you will be provided with the contact details of all of your matches.


We host virtual speed dating events all over major areas of the UK, including London, Birmingham, Manchester and many more, find an event near you here or use the navigation bar.


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